Crystal River Fishing Charters Florida

Flats Fishing Charters
Flats fishing is done mainly in the shallow back-country mangrove islands and creeks. Between Crystal River and Homosassa Florida you will find miles of unspoiled wetlands and unexplored mangrove islands were the monster Redfish, Trout & Snook thrive.

Near Shore Fishing

Near-Shore/In-Shore trip will consist of fishing the grass flats and patch reefs in 3 to 8 feet of water. We’ll catch a verity of fish like Redfish, Trout, Snook, Mackerel, Jacks, Flounder, Cobia & small Sharks.

Shallow Water Grouper fishing

Shallow Water Grouper
Shallow Water Grouper We use live and cut bait to chum up the grouper. Fishing the shallow water rocks and reefs between Crystal River & Homosassa for Cobia, Shark, Snapper, Sea Bass & Grunts are some of the targeted spices you can catch on a shallow water grouper trip. Bring your video camera you won’t want to miss it

Shark Fishing

Shark Fishing
Hammer Head shark, 250lb Bull shark, 350lb Tiger shark? That’s whats on the menu when you book a Crystal River shark fishing trip. The Captains have years of experience fishing big sharks, so hold on tight and get ready for a big experience. Bring your video camera you will want to replay this for your friends.

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